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Christmas songs for kids that are teacher and parent approved!

I admit it. I’m one of “them.”

This year, I turned on the Christmas music before Thanksgiving.

The truth is that I adore Christmas, and my music-loving soul adores that it comes with its own soundtrack. Normally I’m a strict “no Christmas music before Thanksgiving” rule-follower, but every year as the Christmas season ends I find myself wishing that I’d listened to more Christmas music! I’m sad that I have to wait almost a whole year to turn it on again.

These Christmas songs for preschoolers are sure to be a hit with some of the best Christmas music and Christmas songs for kid. #songsforkids #Christmasmusic #preschool #kindergarten

Not this year. Bring it on!

Whether we agree or disagree about the timing, I’m glad that there’s plenty of quality Christmas music out there to use with kids! It’s such a powerful teaching tool that can be used all throughout the day. Below is a round-up of some of the best Christmas songs for preschoolers and some great one for Christmas parties.

Since there are lots of great Christmas songs for kids to choose from, I’ve broken the songs into a few categories:

  • Classic Christmas Music for Kids
  • Music and Movement
  • New Christmas Songs for Kids

I hope you and your children enjoy these Christmas songs this season. (And if you turn them on a little bit early, I promise not to tell!)

Christmas Songs for Kids

Jingle Bells

This is the first Christmas song my kids learned, and the one they most enjoy singing over and over! This is a great version because the first time it goes through the song, it leaves space for the kids to repeat the melody, line by line. This is a great method to learn new music! Then once they’ve gone through the whole song with the call-and-response, they get to sing it again all together.

Jingle Bells

If you’re not into the call-and-response of the previous version, here’s a more traditional take of the classic Christmas song for kids. The words are included on the screen, which is great reinforcement for those early readers! It also includes a cute new 2nd verse to try.

Frosty the Snowman

Thumpety Thump Thump! Who doesn’t love Frosty? This is a perfect Christmas song for preschoolers. Share his sweet story with a whole new generation! 

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Along with Jingle Bells, this is my kids’ most requested song! The video goes through the song twice with really sweet animations. My heart goes out to Rudolph each time he cries!  

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

The Grinch is such a cultural phenomenon that it’s easy to forget that our beloved Dr. Seuss, Theodor Geisel, is the one who started it all! Enjoy his ingenious lyrics in this version from the 1966 cartoon special.

Music and Movement Christmas Songs

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Super Simple Learning is genius at taking classic Christmas music for children and making it hands-on! This is what they call an “action verb twist” on the familiar tune. It’s great to practice following directions, and the calm nature of the song will encourage movement without getting too wild!

10 Little Elves

This Christmas song for toddlers or preschoolers incorporates lots of imaginative movement and can be sung either sitting or standing. It repeatedly counts to 10, giving some early math practice too.

Reindeer Hokey Pokey

I really love it when brilliant people take familiar songs and turn them into great Christmas music for kids! These sweet reindeer will have your whole class up and grooving!

If You’re a Kid [Christmas Remix]

My kids loved the Halloween version of this song so much, I was thrilled to see a Christmas one as well! My favorite is to keep the screen off and just play the music. It makes them listen so much more closely when forced to rely on just the audio!  

The Dancing Christmas Tree Song

This Christmas song for preschoolers is another good one to practice following directions. It’s so simple and sweet, I just wish it were longer!

12 Days of Christmas

Buckle up for this action version of the traditional song! Your kids will have a blast with the dance moves. It also includes the lyrics on the screen.

New Christmas Songs for Kids

Santa Shark

You guessed it – Baby Shark is back with a new holiday twist! Meet reindeer and elf sharks, then help Santa shark prepare and deliver presents on Christmas.

I’m a Little Snowman

This sweet little rhyming song is done first as a chant, then the same words repeated with a melody. Chanting and singing are actually different skills and both are very beneficial! Once your class has this memorized, you can use it almost any time you come across a snowman this season!

Rudolph’s Nose

This is a great Christmas song for toddlers, but preschoolers and some older kids are sure to love it too! Practice color recognition while exploring familiar Christmas objects. The video is sure to capture your children’s attention as they answer the questions and wait for the right color to appear.

The Santa Counting Song

Hooray for Christmas music for children that also incorporates learning! While there are several songs out there that help count to ten, I love that this one doesn’t stop there but goes all the way to 20! 


This is based on the familiar B-I-N-G-O song, but Christmas-themed to be about Santa! It’s great for letter recognition and also for some critical thinking – it can be hard to remember which letters to say and which not to say!


What do you think of these songs? Are there one or two that your children can’t get enough of? We’d love to hear which ones!

These Christmas songs for kids are perfect Christmas music to use in the classroom or at home. #Christmasmusic #songsforkids #preschool #kindergarten

Need songs for a Christmas concert? Check out these songs from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

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Want some more songs? We’ve got you covered! 




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