Valentines Day Science STEM Activities and Experiments

14+ simple science experiments for Valentines Day! Each holiday or special occasion day is the perfect opportunity for some cleverly themes science activities and experiments. Using a combination of chemistry and physics, our Valentines Day science activities are absolutely kid friendly. All you need are basic, inexpensive supplies for these quick to prep science experiments for Valentines Day!


How awesome are these Valentines Day science experiments! You are going to find a treasure trove of simple science activities to set up this month with your kids. Plus, they all use inexpensive supplies!

Perfect Valentine’s Day science experiments for a limited budget and a limited amount of time! Even find a fun few science experiment projects with candy hearts.

  • Fizzy eruptions
  • Homemade Slime
  • Lava lamps
  • Crystals
  • Oobleck
  • Bubbles
  • And so much more…

Easy Valentines Day science activities that you really can do with your kids. Simple science concepts for young kids ages 3-9. Of course, adults and older kids can still have lots of fun too! If you are getting ready to put together a Valenitnes Day science lesson, you will find everything you need right here.


Click on the red links below to see how we set up these Valentines Day science activities. Get a list of the supplies you need. You may even have what you already need to start a few this week.

NOTE: We have specific groupings of activities for:

So if you are looking for even more ideas in those categories click on either of the two links above. You will see a sampling below!

Let’s get started with science!

Crystal hearts are easy to grow at home with just a couple ingredients! You can grow crystals overnight with little effort. Plus they last a long time too!

Chocolate candy science is a great way to talk about reversible change. What happens when you heat up chocolate? What happens when you heat up ice? Can it be reversed? What about when you heat up an egg or cook an apple? Can it be reversed?

This Valentine’s Day slime is actually our most popular slime of all the slimes we have made. Several variations give you an opportunity to choose what you like or make all three! Our easy, homemade slime recipe will give you awesome slime quickly! Ready to play in 5 minutes!

You can take simple experiments like this water displacement idea and give it an easy Valentine’s Day theme!

Explore simple liquid density with this easy to set up Valentine’s Day oil and water science activity!

Valentine’s Bubble Science

Kids love bubbles and there’s some fun simple science to go along with this activity too. Bubble science isn’t just for summer!

Valentine’s Viscosity Science Experiment

Explore viscosity among a variety of common household liquids and a Valentine’s Day theme!

Lava Lamp Valentine’s Day Science

A classic science experiment with a fun Valentine’s Day theme makes these homemade lava lamps a fun activity!

Heart oobleck or Red Hots Oobleck is a simple kitchen science experiment that explores Non-newtonian fluids. Is it a liquid or a solid? Adding the red hots or the conversation hearts gives it a fun twist and you can also check out how the candy dissolves which is science too.


Skittles Science Project

Try this take on a classic skittles science activity perfect for Valentine’s colored skittles! See how to set up this easy science project here.

Cupid’s Magic Milk Science Activity

Try this take on a classic magic milk science activity perfect for Valentine’s Day! See how to set up this easy science project here. Add your own festive touches!

Dissolving Candy Hearts

Learn about solvents and solubility with a simple science experiment project with candy hearts!

Science Valentine’s Cards 

Find a fun assortment for science theme Valentine’s Day cards along with this fun experiment card. Click here for all of the options we currently offer.


Additional Valentine’s Day Science

Candy Science Sink the Hearts is a great STEM challenge with sink and float and math. How many conversation hearts does it take to sink the “boat”.

Exploring Flowers Through Science and Art {STEAM} allows kids to use flowers to paint or to paint the flowers! Take apart the flowers, examine the flowers, and learn about the parts of the flower all while creating with a unique art process.


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