Melting Christmas Tree Baking Soda Science Sensory Play

Make science exciting with a holiday twist! Christmas science is one of our favorite ways to spend the day before the holiday! There are so many ways to make science fun and new for the seasons and holidays. Fizzy eruptions can be made into any seasonal theme. Our melting Christmas tree baking soda science is perfect chemistry for the holidays.


My son is eagerly awaiting our Christmas tree this year! He loved our Christmas tree slime and our very cool erupting ornaments! Baking soda and vinegar science is one of our classic science experiments for young kids!

The Christmas tree is a wonderful theme to give to your holiday science and STEM activities. We have a fun collection of Christmas Tree STEM activities for science, engineering, and more!



Our Christmas science activities are fun, easy to set up and not time consuming. You can pick up all the materials you need when you do your Christmas shopping! These awesome choices for Christmas science experiments can be turned into a fun countdown to Christmas. You will find more about this below.

Any holiday is a perfect opportunity for creating simple but AMAZING theme science activities. Christmas presents so many fun opportunities for AMAZING ways to explore science and STEM all month long with a variety of holiday themes. From candy canes to Christmas trees and gingerbread men to Santa himself!

  • Kids love theme science and it gets them learning and loving it! You can easy explore similar topics all year with different themes!
  • Theme science and can still work with your NGSS (Next generation Science Standards)
  • Our Christmas science activities work well for kids ages pre-k through early elementary
  • Explore chemistry and physics with easy to set up and inexpensive science activities


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paper plates to make into a cone shape

baking soda




food coloring 

bowl, spoon, tray to put in freezer

squirt bottle, eyedropper, or baster


You are making a moldable baking soda mixture but you don’t want to end up with oobleck either! Slowly add just enough water so that you can pack it together and it doesn’t fall apart. Glitter and sequins make a fun addition!

Make a mixture of baking soda and water for Christmas tree science

Packable and somewhat moldable texture is desired! Too soupy and it won’t have a great fizz either!

Melting Baking Soda Christmas tree mixture should be moldable.

You can use paper plates shaped into a cone for your tree mold. Or if you have access to those pointed snow cone wrapper cups, those are a quick option too.

It would make a great STEM challenge to fashion the round plate into a cone shape!

male paper plate cones to fill with moldable baking soda mixture to form a tree shape.

Pack the baking soda mixture tightly into the cone shapes! You can even hide a small plastic figure or toy inside. How about a tiny Santa?

Pack baking soda mixture tightly into paper cone to make a Christmas tree.

Freeze for a few hours or make the day before! The more frozen they are, the longer it will take to melt the fizzy trees!

frozen fizzy Christmas trees made from baking soda ready to be melted

Bring out your Christmas trees and remove the paper wrapper! They can be be left out for a bit first if you need them to warm up a bit and your activity time is limited.

Set out vinegar to melt the baking soda christmas trees and watch the fizzing

You can set out a bowl of vinegar and baster or squirt bottle for the kids to melt their baking soda Christmas trees. Optionally, you can color the vinegar green as well. If you need to speed up the melting process, add a bit of hot water to the vinegar!

Use a squirt bottle or baster to produce fizzy melting Christmas tree science


  • Slowly add water and green food coloring to a good load of baking soda just until you get a crumbly but pack-able dough. It shouldn’t be runny or soupy.
  • Add sequins and glitter.
  • Make a cone shape with paper plate. I cut mine in half and then just wrapped it around itself and fastened with tape.
  • Pack in carefully into cone shape making sure it is packed tightly all the way to the tip.
  • Place in the freezer. I let our trees sit overnight.
  • Peel off the paper and place trees in a container. I added a light snowfall of baking soda to the bottom for more fizzing action.
  • We used a squirt bottle filled with green vinegar for this experiment.{They looked a little blue when frozen, so you might want to add extra green}!

He loved our melting Christmas tree baking soda science activity as much as he loved the melting snowman activity!


Science doesn’t have to be complicated for young kids. It just needs to get them curious about learning, observing, and exploring. This Christmas tree science activity is all about a cool chemical reaction between the baking soda and the vinegar.

The baking soda is a base and the vinegar is an acid. When you combine the two, you produce a gas called carbon dioxide. You can see, hear, feel, and smell the chemical reaction. You can also do this with citrus fruits too! Do you know why?

Christmas themed science activities like our melting or fizzing trees experiment is a really fun and unique way to introduce young kids to the world of chemistry. Build a strong foundation now, and you will have kids who love the sciences later!

Enjoy the holidays with fun and simple sensory and science play ideas that use everyday supplies. Turn it into a science or STEM countdown calendar, check out ours! Head into the kitchen for science. Check out more ideas below and get ready for the holidays!



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