The BEST Very Simple Science Experiments for Kids to Try Anywhere

Some of our most enjoyed science experiments and STEM activities have also been the simplest ones. If you have wanted to get into doing more science with your kids whether at home or in a group setting, these simple science experiments are just right! If you search around this website, you will find cool simple science experiments for kids everywhere you look. Simple science for holidays, seasons, and special days too! I believe science and STEM should be accessible for every kid!


I was inspired to put together this collection of the best simple science experiments and STEM activities after taking a look at my websites data of most viewed science and STEM projects for the year. Here’s what I saw:

The most popular science experiments are also the simplest ones…

Not only are these science activities simple to set up…


These science projects use easy to find supplies, are inexpensive, and are all about hands-on learning time. Plus they allow room for observation and experimentation which are the cornerstones for developing a scientific mindset!

You can help kids develop the ability to ask questions, test theories, and problem solve results with simple science experiments and activities.


Below, you will see links to about 10 of our favorite simple science projects for kids as well as videos! Click on all links in blue to read more on set up, supplies, and basic science principles for each one. If you continue to scroll below these science activities, you will see a few simple science experiment collections.

Physics is fun with a DIY catapult made from everyday items. You can even check out other variations within the post. Explore potential and kinetic energy as well as Newton’s 3 laws of motion through play!

This classic science activity is bursting with color, but what makes this happen? Explore simple chemistry including molecules and reactions.

A homemade lava lamp is a DIY version of the popular lamp you plug in, but you can explore a few neat science concepts while you make it! Combining both physics and chemistry is easy to do with this simple science experiment.

You know how balloons are usually blown up, but is there another way to blow up a balloon? We think so! Does a balloon you blow up float differently then a balloon blown up with baking soda and vinegar?

Kids love chemical reactions and a lemon volcano is slightly different then the usual baking soda and vinegar ones. How can you make a lemon erupt without adding the bottle of vinegar to the baking soda?

Watch how seeds grow with an up-close view of the process! You can set up a seed jar in minutes and spend a couple weeks exploring the changes. It’s a truly remarkable and easy to set-up, simple science experiment for kids!

One of our simple science experiments is a bit like magic, and it’s called dancing corn! Although this has a fall theme to it, you can easily switch out for raisins or even small candies like we did here.

Dissolving skittles is a super simple candy science experiment that has a cool effect kids love. This activity is a must try for classic science! Why don’t the colors mix? Find out for yourself!

Do you know what a non-Newtonian fluid is? Have you ever made one? It’s super simple to set up and even more fun to dig in and play with too. We have a couple versions to try depending on the supplies you have available including oobleck and slime.

For even more scientific fun, make a batch of each and compare/contrast them!

STEM includes more then just the sciences, it also includes technology, engineering, and math. Our quick STEM activities pack is packed with useful information, journal pages, activities, and more!

LEGO is huge for STEM and we have a great, printable LEGO challenge calendar along with useful links to cool models we have built. Make a LEGO volcano, set up a LEGO zip line, race LEGO balloon cars…

Explore science along with engineering, design, and math! We have lots of examples along the way.


I hope you have found a few simple science experiments to try with your kids. If you open up your pantry cupboards and drawers, I bet you will find all the necessary materials you need to get started. Add the rest of the supplies to your next grocery list.

Hint: You can easily make these holiday themed by switching out colors and themed accessories. See our holiday/seasonal science collections for more ideas.

We have so many more very simple science experiments to share with you if you check out our main SCIENCE and STEM resource page by clicking here or on the picture just below. Science for every season, holiday, and occasion including edible science, water science, physics, and chemistry!

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